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Back from England

June 2, 2009

The reason this blog’s been quiet for the past week or so is that Jenn and I were overseas!  For the past eight days we’ve been roaming England, mostly in Yorkshire, but we also spent a very fast and busy day down in London.  This was my first journey out of the country (not including Canada — I love ya, Ontario, but you’re practically my back yard) and I had a fantastic time.  The travel days were long and tiring, but mostly very smooth and unproblematic.  Overall it was a great trip!

As I reacclimate to my day-to-day life over the next few days I hope to be posting some blog entries about some of our adventures, plus some photos, and reviews of my entertainment consumption during the vacation.  For now, though, I’ve just got time to point to a new photo of me on my About page: Jenn took this one of me at Bolton Abbey, early last week.  More to come…

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