Son of Odds & Ends

December 3, 2009

It feels like time for a catch-up post of random odds and ends…aka, a post that isn’t strictly a review of something or about Futurismic.  🙂

  • For the last couple of months I’ve been feeling even more cautious than usual about money — staying in on weekends, not eating out, limiting my casual spending, etc.  All of this kind of in anticipation of the holiday financial crush, I suspect.  It feels a little like it’s translated into being antisocial, too, but that certainly wasn’t my intention.
  • That said, we did get out last week for a blissfully relaxed Thanksgiving potluck at Jenn’s studio.  There I got my first experience playing Rock Band, and I have to say, it’s fun but I don’t think I’d buy it for myself.  Interestingly, I seemed to be better at the drums than the bass!
  • On Sunday Jenn and I went to the Burbank Ikea and bought an inexpensive bookshelf for the bedroom.  For the second time in a year, we built furniture together without driving each other crazy.  Is that normal?
  • A final thumbs-up on Uncharted 2:  Among Thieves, an exciting and beautifully rendered action video game that seems destined to become a movie starring Nathan Fillion.
  • My GarageBand obsession continues, and Episodic now has 19 songs — almost complete!  I’m starting to feel like I’m butting up against the limits of my composing ability, unfortunately, but this is less depressing than a “writing plateau” since I have no professional aspirations here.  So far my favorites are my alien dance club tune “Area 54,” and the warped slow jazz of “Learning is Fun at the David Lynch Preschool.”
  • Speaking of music, a recent windfall of iTunes gift cards enabled me to spend without spending recently, and I’m now stocked up with new albums from Angelspit, Fishbone, Mike Keneally, and Tipsy, plus a couple of artists new to me:  Steroid Maximus and Zu.

I think that about covers it for now; keeping busy, and largely happy!  I’m working up to doing a “year-in-writing” post later this month, which I feel like I should be dreading more, since this really wasn’t a great year for me professionally.  And yet, in other ways I feel pretty good about how writing went this year.  Anyway, more to come!

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