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April 8, 2010

I finally finished up season six of 24.  Compared to the previous seasons, this one was definitely a stinker, but I kind of “embraced the suck” and soldiered through to the end.  I did like Powers Boothe as the villainous war-mongering veep, and the season had a few redeeming moments.  Even though it’s not terribly good, it’s hard not to be impressed with how much it manages to juggle in the course of a long season — writing and producing this show must be a logistical nightmare.  Kind of remarkable the show has lasted so long with such a demanding formula.

I’ve since moved on to season seven of MI-5.  I’m just a couple episodes in, but the season opener was great and very hard-hitting.  On the whole, this is probably the best spy series of all time, for me — if there’s a series I’m really looking forward to re-watching down the road, it’s this one (and The Wire, of course).

I also caught a couple of impressive pilots, two more shows to fall behind on.  The Elmore Leonard adaptation Justified, a modern-day western about a U.S. Marshal in Kentucky, opened pretty impressively, with Timothy Olyphant bringing his Deadwood intensity into the present day.  It didn’t entirely hook me, but I found it very well done.

And Party Down, which boasts early creative direction from Paul Rudd and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, is a quick, snappy comedy of awkward situations, about a Hollywood catering company populated by frustrated creatives.  A great, funny cast so far — I particularly like Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, and Jane Lynch in this.  Really, I should be resisting new shows — there’s only so much time in the day!  But I might have to check out a few more of these two.  Anybody catch any of these?

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