February 1, 2011

…and when I say “siiiiick,” I don’t mean in a “wicked cool guitar solo” kind of way.

For the past week I’ve been down with a persistent, nasty throat infection, accompanied by fevers, mild congestion, fatigue, difficulty swallowing, and insomnia.  I haven’t gotten sick much since I moved to California, and can’t remember the last time I missed so much work.  The lack of energy and lost productivity is making me crazy!  (If I owe you an email, bear with me — I’m hoping the meds will knock this crap out by Wednesday.  I’ll catch up eventually…)

On the plus side, I’ve been nesting on the couch in front of the TV and have built up a huge backlog of movies and shows to blog about, including some entertainingly bad science fiction films.  With any luck, I will remember them by the time I have enough energy to write again!

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