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In Between Projects

February 8, 2011

At the beginning of the year I wrote this post about finishing up ongoing projects so I could get new ones started.  Well, I definitely succeeded at clearing the decks — draft two of Subnetworks is complete, my old albums are all remixed, and the website is up and running.

Unfortunately I haven’t quite gotten the new projects moving yet!  I’m kind of in an awkward, in-between place right now.  I’ve started planning for Novel #2, but it’s still in the formative stages, and the brainstorming work doesn’t feel like Actual Writing yet.   As for new music, I haven’t quite found my sweet spot yet.  In retrospect, I guess it was a good time to get sick — I didn’t have much momentum to lose!

Anyway, I’m chalking this time up to “recharging,” and filling the gap by getting some stories circulating, working on a plot outline for the new book, and even toying with a couple of new story ideas.  I’m trying to convince myself (with Jenn’s valiant help!) that all this brainstorming is work, too!  I just miss putting words on the page.  Until then, I just need to keep whipping the ideas into shape.  I’m sure the writing will fire up when the time is right.

For now, I’ll leave you with my latest TV theme song (think “old fashioned nautical adventure” for this one).  It seems appropriately named, in light of this post; the decks are cleared, time to get back out there!

All Hands on Deck

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