Film: Save the Date

February 10, 2014

As much as I adore Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan, I couldn’t find much to love about Save the Date (2013), a middling affair that wastes its talented comedic cast in a blasé relationship tangle. Sarah  (Caplan) is moving in with her long-time boyfriend Kevin (Geoffrey Arend), but even on the way over she’s starting to get cold feet. Meanwhile, Sarah’s sister Beth (Brie) is the opposite – enthusiastically planning her marriage to the drummer in Kevin’s band, Andrew (Martin Starr). With commitment in the air, Kevin pushes Sarah too quickly toward the next level, but Sarah’s a major commitment-phobe; and so she panics, rushing into a rebound relationship with a smitten admirer, Jonathan (Mark Webber).

That’s about it, really. Save the Date is low-budget, low-key, and low-frills, an unmemorable film about sisters taking different romantic paths, and trying to figure out their relationship to each other. But it never catches fire: it’s not quite funny, not quite dramatic, not quite moving, not quite interesting. I think it’s shooting for quirky, indie insight, but it plays out generically, a sequence of bland, thirtyish life experiences. It’s well played by everyone, especially Caplan in the central role, but the cast has precious little to work with. A dud.

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