Welcome to my music page!  Posted here are links to my “albums” — uh, largely co-written by GarageBand loops.  I don’t really consider myself a real composer, but I have fun with it — cutting and pasting, shifting and texturing, and pecking out melodies and bass-lines.   (If I had to describe my sound, I’d call it a blend of Devo, Henry Mancini, Messer Chups, Secret Chiefs 3, Lalo Schifrin, and J.G. Thirwell.  Except, you know, less good than all that.)  In keeping with my media junkie roots, each tune is conceived as a theme song for a television series that doesn’t exist.  Surf around and take a listen!

High Definition (2013)

Multicasting (2011)

Syndication (2010)

Episodic (2010)