Hockey Night in California

Image of the author in a Los Angeles Kings jersey, frowningLast night we went down to the Staples Center to see the Kings take on the New Jersey Devils. Before the game, Jenn took “Kings Win!” and “King Lose” photos of me, to post here depending on how the game turned out. Well, the picture tells the story.

Yep, the Kings got spanked 5-1. The Devils converted their way-too-many power plays, and only Frolov, Boyle, and O’Sullivan seemed to have much jump for the Kings. Because it was a game with discounted tickets, the place was packed with half-assed spectators who clearly didn’t understand or care about hockey, and were constantly obscuring our view…overall, not a good night to be a Kings fan. Oh, well! On the bright side, we ate giant pretzels and drank coffee and cheered our team, and at least they didn’t get shut out!

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