Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together

I’m referring to hockey and editing, of course! 🙂 Or wait, maybe I meant mutually exclusive…anyway, a general update:

Yesterday Jenn and I hit the Staples Center for our second-to-last home hockey game of the season, and the Kings kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a 4-3 win over the Minnesota Wild. The team seems to have settled down now that the trade deadline has passed, and they played a solid game, especially on defense. The goals came from Quincey, Calder, Kopitar, and Purcell, and then goalie Jonathan Quick held off the Wild in the third period for the win. Go Kings! (And go Sabres! Yes, I have two teams now — shoot me!)

I’ve been keeping busy lately with my usual editing business, both at the day job (er…night job) and “at” Futurismic (i.e., my armchair and cyberspace). The submission workload has been a bit busier than usual lately, and I’m happy to report that the slushpile quality has been improving — lots of good stories, worthy of consideration. Other than that, not much to report!

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