Writing Projects

Lately, I’ve been finding that writing on my lunch breaks can really add up. That daily discipline has been great for my productivity. The novel-in-progress has lurched forward another twenty pages or so, and yesterday I finished a draft of a new, very short (for me) story — a ten-page weirdness called “A Forward-Looking Statement.” Finally, something short enough to submit to…all those markets that are drying up!

Not that I have any sales or successes to speak of this year, but 2009’s feeling like a pretty good writing year anyway; the first good one in a long time. I’m actually following through on projects, and I feel like the idea pipeline is overflowing. I still gripe about it, of course, and still wish I’d managed to accomplish more by now — this business is inherently frustrating, even when it’s going well.  But right now I really shouldn’t complain. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the process of putting words together, and those are the best times, regardless of external validation.

It’s nice to actually look forward to writing again.

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