Odds & Ends

Random, recent observations…

  • I half-watched I Love You, Man (2009) from across the room last weekend while playing WoW, and laughed enough that I felt like I should have been paying more attention. The premise is paper-thin, but Jason Segal and especially Paul Rudd are pretty funny in it. (The whole “slappin’ the bass” thing was killing me.)
  • Evidently I’m the only Southern Californian who fears getting run over when accessing my car while street-parking. Everyone else here just seems to assume that the world will get out of their way.
  • I still believe reality television is fundamentally bad for you. That said, uh, congrats to Antonio…
  • If Dean Lombardi trades Alexander Frolov, I will personally kick him in the nads.
  • Blog posts I keep meaning to write: “Los Angeles vs. Iowa City,” “My Dream Supergroup,” “10 TV Characters Who, for Good or Ill, Have Contributed to My Behavior”
  • I’m going to start calling Facebook “Guiltbook.” Please don’t take it personally if I don’t download your apps, people. There’s only so much time in the day!

And speaking of Facebook, Oslo is now a proud member of Catbook…here he is chilling on the piece of cat furniture we’ve taken to calling “the Lounge.”

Ozzie in the Lounge
Ozzie in the Lounge
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