Stray Thoughts on The Emmy Awards

I generally can’t stomach awards shows. I mean, they’re usually self-congratulatory, and gaudy, and uncomfortable, and full of tiresome speeches — but hey, that’s not all that different than watching reality, is it? (Badump-chink! I’m here all week, folks!)

But this year I kept half an eye on the Emmy ceremonies during a Sunday night WoW session, which may have mitigated the usual effect — which is to say, I found it less painful than usual to watch. I have to admit, though, that overall they did a pretty good job this year.

Some stray thoughts on the ceremony:

  • When did Neil Patrick Harris get so cool? I mean, one minute he’s Doogie Howser, and next I’m like, “Neil Patrick Harris!” (Okay, so maybe that was like twenty years.)  I think Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle may have been a turning point. He was a good emcee, and the opening musical number was pretty funny.
  • Kudos to the comedy actress nominees for hamming it up as their names were being read.  Kristen Wiig wins my Emmy for Best Use of Site Gag Props During the Ceremony award.
  • Nice to see Kristen Chenoweth take an Emmy for a show that died before its time…you don’t see canceled shows win very often, do you? (And how appropriate that it should be Pushing Daisies!) Her acceptance speech, when decipherable, was cute.
  • The Dr. Horrible musical interruption was just a smidge too short for my taste.
  • I read somewhere that Michael Emerson of Lost gave a creepy acceptance speech. But from where I was listening, it seemed pretty classy.
  • I sure hope Michael C. Hall gets an Emmy win eventually….from Six Feet Under to Dexter, he’s pretty much been award-caliber in ever season of TV he’s ever done.

Anyway, a pretty decent ceremony all things considered. After the fact, though, I got a little depressed. It might have been the 28-hour headache I was recovering from at the time, but I also think it was an aspect of award shows I never liked that, until now, I’d failed to detect: I don’t seem to be very good at watching other people achieve their dreams. Even when I’m not entirely sure what, exactly, my own dream is any more. So there, I’ve said it…

I guess writing this post, then, is an attempt to motivate myself to be a bigger person. Knowing is half the battle, et cetera. So, congrats to the Emmy winners!  (You bastards!) 🙂

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