Quiet Month

Not a hell of a lot of news on the writing front for me lately…and that seems to include blogging! Over the past couple of weeks, my usual lunch-break writing time has been taken up by composing silly little grooves on GarageBand (a music program), which I’ve been attempting to learn how to use, somewhat half-assedly, but with much amusement.

As for writing, well, occasionally the novel moves forward a few paragraphs, and a new short story is slowly taking shape, but mostly I’ve been a consumer for the past little while: working my way through Futurismic submissions, going back to basics with Damon Knight’s Creating Short Fiction, and reading some other fiction. Plus I just got going on a massive history volume about Allied military deception during WWII that looks really interesting. So, more reviews and posts are in the pipeline eventually, but for now — nothing to see here, move along!

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