My Latest Mad Scheme

While Christmas shopping before our vacation travels, I stumbled across a one-shot magazine from American History titled 100 Greatest Spy Movies and thought it would make for great airplane reading material. My copy of this “special collector’s edition” magazine is already beat up, dog-earred, and scribbled on. I love spy movies (as if you haven’t guessed!) and this list of films (plus a few mini-series) made me nostalgic to see some of my favorites again, as well as introducing me to a number of titles I’d never even heard of.

Obsessive that I am, I just added as many of these films as I could locate to my Netflix queue — sadly, sixteen were unavailable, pretty much skewering my plan to review them in reverse/countdown order. Even so, I decided I’d go ahead with the project as a happy excuse to watch and re-watch some of my favorite genre films. I’ll probably start this next month and work on it gradually (over the next few years, I expect), tagging the posts with a “Spy 100” sub-category. So, stay tuned! Or, you know, if you hate spy movies, change the channel, I suppose!

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