Writing Report for February 2010

At the beginning of February I renewed my resolve to complete my near-future spy novel Subnetworks. My goal was to write five days a week, and produce at least 500 words per session.

The bad news is I didn’t really do very well on those goals. I usually write on my lunch breaks at work, but for most of February I was too wiped out to pull that off. And our weekends were busy, which limited me to only one Lulu’s excursion. (I’d been hoping to go once a week again, as a show of commitment. D’oh!)

The good news is the project is at least moving forward, and I doubt I will need to produce 500 words a day to accomplish my goal of finishing the book this year. I escaped from the chapter that had stalled me, wrote two more, and I’m coming up on the midpoint of the book. Writing two chapters a month will bring me to the end of my outline before the end of the year, with time to spare. So completing this thing — a draft, anyway — is totally feasible!

So, total word count for February: 4,700. A bit weak, but it’s a start!

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