The Bride of the Son of the Odds & Ends

A few random thoughts for a random Friday morning:

  • I can’t tell if this itch I’m feeling to write a short story is A) me trying to get away from the novel or B) me wishing I could just finish something already! (My guess: a little of both.)
  • Enver Gjokaj in Previously on Point Dume — sign me up!
  • If SUVs got 100 mpg, ate pollution, and resurrected Firefly, I would still hate them. Because people who drive them would still cut me off on the expressway at least five times a day, block my view, and destroy at least six street-parking spaces at work.
  • My average response time for Futurismic subs has gone from about 15 days per story to about 25 days per story in the past month. I’m falling behind; it might be time for a vacation!
  • My belated thoughts on the NHL trade deadline: kind of a yawner this year. I’m glad the Kings brought in some forward depth, but the coach has messed up the line chemistry, and the team is spiraling. And…holy moly, the Sabres actually made some deals! Nice to see Vanek and Pominville heating up lately.

That’s all I got for now. Have a great weekend!

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