Like, Even More Odds & Ends

Random news and notes for a random Tuesday:

  • Finished off season seven of MI-5 over the weekend. It’s definitely not as strong as season six, but still solid; the first few episodes are top-notch, and although there were some kind of obvious moments, the final two episodes were pretty compelling. Bring on the next season!
  • I finally got my bass fixed, only to get it home and find out my cable is shot, so I can’t plug it into my amp or computer. Something to deal with next weekend…I’m looking forward to experimenting with real instruments in GarageBand.
  • Speaking of which, the second album has been on the verge of completion for awhile, but I’ve been a bit stalled on the music lately. My goal is to finish up the Futurismic slushpile soon, so I can start writing in the mornings, then working on tunes during my lunchbreak, at least until we reopen to submissions. (Too many activities, too little time!)
  • We started watching the original The Prisoner over the weekend, which we have on Blu-ray. I’d only seen the pilot once, several years ago…I was shocked at how weird the show is. So far I’m loving it; looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • Hockey playoffs are underway, and my nerves are frayed: after the past couple seasons, I’d forgotten what it was like to actually care about who wins playoff games. Hopefully one of these nights the Kings and Sabres can both win on the same day!
  • Jenn and I are both planning to go to Wiscon this year. Hope to see some of you there!

Finally, I didn’t post at the time, but Jenn did — earlier this month was Oslo’s first birthday. Happy birthday, Ozzie!  Here he is, celebrating in true cat fashion…asleep.

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