Wild Animal Park

Yesterday Jenn and I made a day trip down to the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park with our friends Samantha and Chris, who were visiting from out of town. This is my second trip to the park and I had just as much fun as the first time — it’s a great, huge place with tons of exhibits. Put on your walking shoes if you go, though! After several months that were considerably “more homebody” than usual, my body wasn’t sure to do with all that fresh air and exercise!

Some choice photos courtesy of Jenn:

This meerkat is on lookout duty while his buddies forage below.
Late in the day, the petting zoo animals crashed out in the shade…
Unlike most zoos I’ve been too, the elephants here have some space to roam.
An animal park visit is incomplete without a trip to the lorikeet feeding zone. They told us the birds weren’t hungry, but they freaking mauled us in pursuit of nectar. Lies!
I thought about upgrading to a tanking pet, but thought Cairo and Oslo might object.
Our final stop as the park was closing, we spotted this lemur in commando mode, creeping stealthily at the edge of the water.

Another fun trip, and we had a great time catching up with friends and seeing all the exhibits. Check out the park if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

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