OzzyCon 2010

Today we took Oslo back into the vet. We had some concerns; although entirely healthy in every other way, Ozzy’s digestive system has been a bit upset. He was not happy to be back in that cat-carrier, but now he’s home again, the belly staples have been removed, and he has a (mostly) clean bill of health. We do, however, have some medicine to give him over the next several days to help his digestive system get back to normal.

At any rate, because of this I’m unfortunately going to be staying home from WisCon, to keep an eye on the cats and give Ozzy his pills. I’m bummed to be missing it, but both Jenn and I will feel better if someone stays behind, and it makes more sense for it to be me, as she’s got commitments at the con that I don’t. (Speaking of which: go see her reading!)

For me, it’s OzzyCon 2010 here in Tarzana! So if anyone out there is feeling all last-minute about going to WisCon, let me know — maybe I can transfer my membership?

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