Writing Report for June 2010

For various reasons, writing productivity dropped off in June, especially in the second half where I had huge stretches of non-writing days. Boo! I could blame it on editing Futurismic again, or less relaxing lunch breaks (when I usually do my writing), or poor time management, but I think the main thing is I’m nearing the finish line on Subnetworks.

This means two things: One, the writing is getting more difficult, as I have to make sure I tie together all the threads. And two, I think I’m kind of fearing the end, because once I’ve finished I’ll have nothing going, which right now feels more important than having finished something. Plus, finishing the first draft means I’ll have to fix it. (*Dread!*)

For all that, the word count drop off wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be: down to roughly 5,800 words. And at the end of the month I managed to finish off chapter 29, which leaves me with just three chapters and an epilogue left in my outline. The main goal for me this year was to finish a draft of the book, and that is going to happen, probably ahead of schedule. Hey, I’ll take it!

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