Writing Retreat

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! Our Labor Day weekend was enhanced by a houseguest: Tim Pratt stopped down for a writing retreat, giving us a chance to host someone in our recently retooled guest room/office. Between socializing meals, there was a healthy writing vibe in the house…well, more from Tim and Jenn than from me, although I did manage to feed off of their energy to get some blogging and Futurismic done.

I have also gone so far as to pull Subnetworks off the shelf long enough to examine a few pages, and managed early forays into research and organization for the second draft — just getting a few things straight in my head about the world of the book, gradually edging myself back into the headspace to work on the novel, which is kind of a scary prospect. Producing raw wordage is one thing, but revising is the really hard work. Wish me luck!

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