Catching Up

I just noticed I’m on pace for my least productive blogging month since I launched this site two Januarys ago. I think part of it has to do with the Futurismic shutdown, which I have to say hit me like a ton of bricks — harder than I expected, actually. I didn’t think it would be that much of a mental readjustment, but it sure has been!

That said, I haven’t exactly been moping around avoiding the blog. I’ve just been staying busy, and not quite tearing through movies and TV shows and books at the usual reviewing pace.

In the “keeping busy” department:

  • The day job has been kind of exhausting the last couple of weeks. Year-ending earnings tends to load us up with copy before the holiday slowdown.
  • Jenn and I went to a hockey game last weekend! It was our first in nearly a year, a 3-1 win over the New Jersey Devils (goals: Justin Williams, Michal Handzus, and Jarret Stoll). There was also a nice pre-game ceremony for former defenseman Mattias Norstrom. By the way, the Kings are leading the NHL so far this year — what the hell? It was nice to get back to the Staples Center for a game; we had been going a few times a year, but haven’t been able to afford it as much lately. A great birthday present — thanks for the date, Jenn!
  • I’m revising Subnetworks. Or, as my writing friends might describe it, “pre-revising.” I read it through once for pace, now I’m red-inking it for the ultimate actual re-writing. It’s going slower than I’d hoped; distractions abound, from being bummed about Futurismic to uh, considerably less bummed about the next bullet point. But the project moves forward slowly. Major revising is new territory for me, especially at this length, so I feel like I’m still learning the ropes.
  • At long last, I bought a new iMac. I’d been planning to do this for a long time, but the money has been elusive. Well, it’s still elusive, but I finally took the plunge. Between the new World of Warcraft patches and my ever-increasing body of GarageBand work, I was rapidly running out of space on my veteran laptop. Setting up the new computer has come with some labor-intensive file migration and trouble-shooting, and my dramatically improved frame-rate has made Azeroth look like an entirely different world. So my work mornings have been consumed with music remixing, WoW sessions, and computer maintenance stuff. I’m enjoying the hell out of it! (Now all I have to do is pay it off!)

Aside from that, still consuming media at a slightly less insane pace than usual.

  • Books: Slogging through a massive, interesting WWII history about military deception called The Deceivers by Thaddeus Holt. Also rather enjoying an anthology of spy fiction, to be reviewed soon…
  • TV: With Rubicon’s first season in the books (and here’s hoping it gets renewed!), my current favorite show is Terriers on F/X. This show just keeps getting better; great characters, fantastic dialogue, and mysteries-of-the-week that actually interest me. I’m also enjoying Modern Family (even funnier this year, I think) and The Big Bang Theory (to a lesser degree). Although I’m happy it’s keeping Nathan Fillion employed, I’ve kind of given up on Castle. I sampled BBC’s Luther and didn’t make it through the second act. Haven’t experienced The Walking Dead yet, but we’ve got it recorded.

So plenty of blogging material, then — just haven’t quite been blogging it!

Other from that, I’ve been spending quality time with Jenn and the cats, brainstorming new creative projects, gearing up for a new GarageBand album, and generally enjoying life!

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