In mourning the death of Rubicon, I’ve been coping by imagining a world where there’s a multibillionaire version of myself who owns his own channel (and has since, oh, 1977). This benevolent executive (hey, it’s an imaginary world) swoops in to rescue ratings-challenged TV shows that are too smart, weird, original, and/or, you know, good to make it in a bottom-line driven industry.

You know, the business that’s about to bring you Skating with the Stars.

In this imaginary universe, aside from Rubicon getting picked up, here’s what happens:

Oh, and by the way, the channel’s staff includes Joss Whedon, Jane Espensen, Tim Minear, Henry Bromell, and Rob Thomas, among others, and they all make sure none of these shows jump the shark. Along with providing brilliant new original programming.

So what’s on your Canceled Too Soon station?



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