Midpoints & Mini-Vacations

Today is the midpoint of a (glorious!) five-day weekend. It occurred to me recently that I’d gone the whole of 2010 without taking more than four days off in a row, and usually only three. Sporadic “mental health Fridays” can only take you so far, so when I realized I had some spare PTO lying around, I decided to duck out on the day job for a much needed break.

Did I time my “stay-cation” with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm? Well, yeah, and so far the latest installment has been pretty amazing! But I’m happy to say I’ve also been productive, breaking away from Azeroth enough to work on my book.

Last time I touched base on Subnetworks I was in “pre-revision” mode, reading and red-inking and brainstorming. Now I’m revising in earnest, and this morning I reached the midpoint of the novel. The chapter I completed today closes the first half of the story, and involved writing a brand new scene — a bizarre, vaguely uncomfortable return to first-draft mindset. My pre-revising exercises convinced me this scene was The Essential Missing Flashback, though, so I soldiered through it.

So it’s been a working vacation, but still a vacation — relaxing in Tarzana with Jenn (we got our Christmas tree; did you see Jenn’s post?), questing in Azeroth, and revising away. Hoping to have a semi-official second draft completed by the New Year.

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