Clearing the Deck

Traditionally, this would be the post where I establish my goals or set my resolutions for 2011. But I haven’t quite finished my 2010 projects yet, so this weekend I’ve been in kind of a “finish things up” mode that probably won’t end for another week or so.

The projects:

Finish the Subnetworks rewrite. After managing four chapters this weekend, I’m five chapters and an epilogue away from completing a full second draft. (And then, theoretically, there’s the whole show-it-to-people stuff, and all that uncharted territory!)

Finish remixing my GarageBand music. Since getting the new computer, I haven’t quite managed to update all my old songs to the new version of the software. Of course, for me music — like writing — is never finished, it is only abandoned. So I can’t help but tinker with the old songs one last time before moving on to new compositions.

Finally, finish tinkering with my website. I’m making some methodical, nitpicky tweaks to old posts to accommodate the new WordPress theme. Am I spending a lot of time fixing things that only I will notice? Absolutely!

That’s been the mode for this New Year’s weekend, and it will probably continue until the deck is cleared for next year’s projects, which I’m anxious to get started on.

So far the plan is pretty simple: New novel. New album. And generally keep doing what I’m doing, but better.

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