Writing Weekend

This year has been jam-packed: plenty of fun and lots of good stuff, but also more than a fair amount of stress and dread. (Not to mention some irritatingly timed illnesses.) Definitely felt like time for a breather.

Taking advantage of the holiday, I stretched this past weekend to four days, and it was blissfully low key and relaxing. I celebrated by behaving like a committed writer. A couple of writing excursions to Lulu’s Beehive in Studio City yielded 1,200 words on that new, ornery short story, and I wrangled my Rogue Souls plot outline a few chapters into act two. On top of that, Jenn gave me a spectacular critique of Subnetworks, which I’m getting more and more anxious to revise.

Too much unstructured time can sometimes be counterproductive for me, but this weekend felt like a glimpse of an alternate reality, one where I get to focus on my passions instead of my paycheck. Sure wish I could change my day-job-to-free-time ratio by a couple of days a week!

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