So National Novel Writing Month comes to a close today, and with my shift at work looming it looks like my last fiction-writing session is behind me. Total word count for November: 27,317. Not quite the numbers I was hoping for, but I’ll call it a conditional success, because hey, that’s 130+ pages I wouldn’t have had without NaNoWriMo kicking me in the pants. *Conditional cheer!*

Rogue Souls got off to a red hot start, but my productivity cooled down as the story approached the dreaded middle. (*cue horror music*) All things considered, while I didn’t nail my goal, I’m happy with the effort; not bad when you figure in a less-than-relaxing full-time job on top of it. I put in time on the book on 26 out of a possible 30 days.

And so, on to December, which I’m hereby christening “Getting My Shit Together Month.” I’m kicking it off with an extended weekend in chilly Iowa, to visit friends and tie up some loose ends. When I get back, it’s time to get my real life in order, including some spring cleaning. (In L.A., you can totally spring-clean in December.) Of course, I’ll continue to work on the book, but probably at a more forgiving pace.

Congrats to this year’s participants on any writing progress, whether you made your numbers or not. See you next year!

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