Back to the Schedule

The first time I did NaNoWriMo, I burned myself out and sat on the project’s accumulated pages for a few months before managing to get back on track. I didn’t want that to happen with Rogue Souls, so now that the end-of-the-year dust has settled, I’m going back to what I think is my most effective writing schedule: ass-in-chair writing for five days a week, minimum word count 500, with two mornings a week for guilt-free nonwriting.

That last part, I think, is more important than I give it credit for when I’m in high-gear NaNoWriMo mode. Batteries do need recharging, occasionally!

This my first week getting back to the schedule in 2012, but so far it’s working: over 4,000 words this week, and I’ve reached the end of act one of my outline. So today I’m celebrating one-third of a novel draft. Woot!

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