Graphic Novel: Cairo

When I go to the comic book store, I usually impulse shop. No research; I just go with my gut and pick things that look cool. Cairo is definitely one of my favorite impulse purchases. This contemporary fantasy from writer G. Willow Wilson and artist M.K. Perker is an inventive and unsual adventure set in the title city. It’s a wonderful mix of magic, myth, action, and humor, featuring a diverse and distinctive cast of misfit characters: cheerful badass drug dealer Ashraf, beautiful Israeli soldier Tova, intellectual journalist Ali, cheerful American activist Kate, and Lebanese-American student Shaheed. Their individual life journeys converge in Egypt, as they become entangled in the search for a mysterious magical artifact…and a powerful jinn. I pretty much loved it, especially the characters and the created family vibe. Wilson’s world is unique, her dialogue authentic, and Perker’s art is detailed and memorable. A very satisfying book; I was sorry to reach the end! When does season two start?

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