Graphic Novel: Genetiks (I)

Genetiks (I) is an engaging mix of SF, horror, and corporate espionage, about a naïve engineer who works for a biotech company. He sells his genetic code to his employers, a decision that entangles him in a secret war about the future of humanity. It has a lot going for it, especially the striking artwork from Jean-Michel Ponzio — a photorealistic, rotoscoped look that particularly strengthens the character renditions. (Think Richard Linklater’s adaptation of Dick’s A Scanner Darkly; it’s got that kind of trippy, irreal feel to it.) Writer Richard Marazano fills the story with a diverse array of solid characters, and while there are a handful of lazy plot transitions, for the most part it’s an enjoyable read. I do wish the protagonist were more likable, but otherwise quite enjoyed it. Interested to see where this series is headed.

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