Graphic Novel: Mind the Gap, Vol. 1 (Intimate Strangers)

Mind the Gap feels like a comic book variation on the Lost-style TV series: an episodic, gradually unfolding mystery filled with characters attempting to make sense of a strange supernatural situation. The main protagonist is Elle Peterssen, who falls into a coma under mysterious circumstances only to awaken as a ghostly presence trapped between life and the afterlife. As Elle struggles to understand her situation and works to return to her body, a number of surviving friends and family members cope with her loss, while others investigate the shady circumstances that led to her condition.

Written by Jim McCann, who also penned the enjoyable and sadly short-lived Hawkeye & Mockingbird series, Mind the Gap has very good artwork, a consistent and appealing visual style, and clever dialogue. These first five issues didn’t quite addict me, however. While it shares the intrigues of a Lost-like show, it also shares the drawbacks. The plot feels a bit sprawling and rambly, with too many characters. The characterizations are well done, but I had trouble telling them apart visually at times as the story ricocheted from one thread to another. Ultimately I came away from this one curious to see where it’s going, but only partially invested.

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