“We Can Get Dozens Out In This Darkness!”

So, 2012 is over and 2013 is underway. Happy New Year! I usually compose a big writing summary post on the first of the year, but this year I thought I’d just continue with last year’s Great Escape metaphor, ┬ábecause…Steve McQueen.

Those of you familiar with the movie will probably catch the significance of the post title and the photo below. If 2011 was about enduring the cooler, 2012 was about getting past the wire — something I couldn’t have managed without the assistance of all my talented, generous, brilliant writer friends from Taos Toolbox, the Freeway Dragons, and of course right here at home. I had a good, honest, hard-working 2012 and I learned a ton. And I must have produced a good 150,000 words of fiction, which if nothing else is good practice.

And I’m planning to do it all again in 2013! I hope the New Year brings you all closer to your dreams. Happy New Year!

Picture 1

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