RingsSeven years ago today, I met Jenn and everything changed for the better.

We met at Worldcon in Anaheim, and I’ll never forget the circumstances that led to our “first date.” We’d been introduced earlier that day, and had made plans to say hello at the parties later. When the time came, I really didn’t want to go to a party. I was having a miserable convention. In fact, I was utterly convinced it was my last convention. I was going to give up writing and conventions and the whole thing. Done with it.

But when the time came, I decided to go. I very nearly didn’t make it. Have you been to the Anaheim Hilton? I got totally, hopelessly lost.¬†Wandered the halls in circles for half an hour, getting increasingly frustrated. At one point, I got stuck behind Harlan Ellison as he led his entourage slowly through the labyrinth. I nearly gave up and went back to my hotel.

Then I turned a corner and there was Jenn, at the Strange Horizons party. We hit it off instantly, and the rest is history. When I think of how many ways I might not have ended up meeting her that night, I feel incredibly lucky — like I stepped into the one right and true alternate reality. She was a ray of light for me then, and she still is now.

Today is our seventh anniversary, and to celebrate this one we exchanged anniversary rings. Happy anniversary, Jenn!

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