Where I’ve Been Lately

This September was the slowest month of my “blogging career” dating back to to 2009. Normally, I would see this as some kind of moral failing, but in this case I’ve just been freaking busy. After months of living in a temporary apartment, we’ve finally completed our transition into a new house in the hills of Southwest Portland. We’re still slowly feathering the nest but recently made some great strides whipping the place into shape, including building a fantastic library in our living room. Our neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, full of trees and birds, and I’m feeling stupidly fortunate to have landed in such an amazing and beautiful place. I hope to be here for a long, long time.

Towards the end of September, I spent a week in the Bay Area for work, primarily to attend the BoxWorks software conference in San Francisco. After three days in its weird, carpeted “ecosystem” (to use the most overused word of the convention), I can say with confidence that the worldbuilding in Silicon Valley isn’t far off from the truth. (Well, except that there are a lot more women in technology than there are in Silicon Valley—certainly enough to warrant oh, I don’t know, a second female character.)

Finally, upon my return we hosted our first guests in the new home last weekend, the incomparable Tracie Yulie and Remy Nakamura. The occasion: the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland’s Hollywood neighborhood. Check out the cosplay in the photo gallery (the robot, not the other guy). He(?) even had a creepy voice modulator (the robot, not the other guy).

Now that September is over and things are settling down, I expect to get back to my usual routine of reviews, writing, reviews, movies, books, and more reviews. Because reviews.

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