Reviewing at Lightspeed

lightspeed71I’m extremely pleased to reveal that I’ve joined the reviewing staff at Lightspeed magazine! My first review was just released in the April issue, now available to subscribers or for purchase as an ebook. The review will be posted for free to the general public later in the month, so non-subscribers will have to wait a while to read my reactions to a couple of thought-provoking recent science fiction shows: The Man in the High Castle and Occupied. (Of course, if you absolutely can’t wait, I encourage you to head on over and support this excellent genre publication!)

After years of labor-of-love reviewing, it’s a thrill for me to get to do this professionally. Don’t worry, though: while I’ll be reviewing for Lightspeed now and then—alternating TV-reviewing duties with Sunil Patel and Jenn Reese—everything I don’t review there will still turn up here on the blog. In the meantime, check out the lineup for this month’s issue!

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