Novella: Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny

Laurie Penny writes exceptionally well on issues of social justice, feminism, and politics in her non-fiction. Her first fiction release, Everything Belongs to the Future (2016), shows similar expertise; it’s a sharp, insightful novella of science fiction that deftly wields the tools of genre to comment on the present.

Life-extension technology has transformed the world, but has also exacerbated the inequality between the world’s wealthy and its underprivileged. In Oxford, a group of hardscrabble activists has mobilized to make a difference, their modest mission to steal “the fix” from the rich to redistribute it to the poor. But their latest operation, a pharmaceutical heist from a one-percenter party, introduces them to Daisy Craver, one of the scientists responsible for developing the life-extending drugs. Daisy is disillusioned with the unjust caste system the fix has perpetuated, and her rebellious involvement with the group is about to transform its capabilities—and propel their work in dangerous new directions.

Everything Belongs to the Future is a riveting read that channels the modern political zeitgeist into a gripping dystopian metaphor. It’s a dark vision, but written from a refreshing and insightful perspective. Highly recommended, and I hope we’ll see more fiction from this distinctive voice.

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