TV: Letterkenny (Season 9)

Letterkenny obviously isn’t high art. It can be problematic and uneven, male-gazey and repetitive. But there’s something delightful about it: its unrestrained love of language, its inimitable voice, its enthusiastic lean-in to quirky characters played with over-the-top commitment. It’s silly as fuck, but I could watch it forever.

By now, Letterkenny knows its ensemble intimately, and a lot of the fun is simply in watching the characters thrown into new configurations. Overall, it’s probably not the strongest season the show has ever delivered, but two episodes stand out. In “Scorched Earth,” Katie (Michelle Mylett) goes into rapid-fire dating mode, which leads to amusing recap conversations with Wayne (Jared Keeso), Daryl (Nathan Nales), and Squirrelly Dan (K. Trevor Wilson). “Sleepover,” meanwhile, is a surprisingly sweet episode where several groups of Letterkenny denizens stay up late together and reveal their crushes. This episode is especially memorable, a reminder of the series’ occasional flashes of winning community, which peek through oceans of fart jokes, crass sexual humor, drop-of-a-hat brawling, and fast-paced wordplay. On the whole, this season is preaching to the converted; for me, it remains a glorious guilty pleasure.

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