Novel: Bridge by Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes serves up her take on the multiverse in Bridge (2023), the latest slick, fast-paced read in the author’s addictive body of work. In the wake of her mother’s death, a young woman named Bridge travels to Portland with her bestie Dom to sort out the family estate. Bridge’s mother Jo was a neuroscientist, and Bridge recalls “playing games” with Jo as a child that propelled her into other versions of herself. Now that Jo is gone, Bridge uncovers evidence substantiating that memory; Jo had discovered the secret of visiting other realities, and there may even be an alternate timeline where she’s still alive. With Dom’s reluctant help, she sets out to find her mother and repair the damaged relationship she didn’t know she needed until it was too late. But in the process, she makes an enemy of  a woman who can communicate with all the alternate versions of herself, and is determined to prevent Bridge’s reckless dimension hopping.

Each of Beukes’ previous novels has proven to be something of an event, and Bridge is no exception. It’s another compelling genre tale fusing a science fictional idea with dark themes and thrilling action, all with the usual keen ear for humorous banter and sociopolitical commentary. Bridge and Dom are relatable and easy to root for, and their efforts culminate in a finely crafted final act that sends the story out on a resonant note. I’m very much looking forward to see where the author goes next.

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